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Hard To Find Components

When you are struggling to find the component you need or your requirement is more difficult than normal to source, you can count on Intellize Technology to go that little bit further to get the hard to find components that you need.

We keep searching for parts long after others have given up, and if all else fails we work to find appropriate alternatives (which can be cross referenced from our extensive technical data library.)  

Intellize  specialise in sourcing electronic components from around the world. With one of the largest and most highly trained teams in the industry, you can rely on Intellize to scour the globe to get you the hard to find parts that you need.

Intellize are also a major stockist of shortage and obsolete components. 
Contact us if you are looking for something urgent and hard to find . 

Excess Inventory Management

If you have too many excess electronic components Intellize  can help you. Don't leave them gathering dust - turn them into instant cash!

Contac us  and just look at what you'll gain:

·         A positive cash injection to your business

·         Free up your valuable warehouse space

·         Reduce your stockholding costs

·         Reduce time spent managing surplus stock

Intellize can offer you a free evaluation on your inventory, just send us your stocklist and we will take care of everything else for you.

Obsolete Electronic

Components and parts - active, passive and electro-mechanical

If you are on the hunt for obsolete electronic components, Intellize Technology will do all we can to find what you need. Intellize Technology specialise in sourcing obsolete electronic components and obsolete electronic parts from all around the world.

We have offices across the globe and our entire team is not only highly trained, but completely dedicated to finding exactly what you are looking for. Through our global sourcing network we have access to 15 million components globally - we feel confident in getting you the obsolete components you require.

Our staff will go further than most to find your obsolete parts and if we really truly can't find exactly what you need, we will work just as hard to find appropriate alternatives. There will always be a solution and we will make sure to find it for you.

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