Quality Process 

Intellize Technology continues to vastly improve its quality control processes. Customer satisfaction is our priority by providing not only the best price and delivery the market can offer but also guaranteed 100% quality products. Intellize technology will be  implementing state of the art technology with testing equipment and currently implemented internal protocols such as the AES Sourcing Approval Integration (SAI) and Vendor Management Program (VMP). With these two protocols in place, we can track products based on our air tight supply chain where we can always trace items back to the original source.   
1. Sourcing   
All lead-time buys and/or spot buys are bought through Authorized Distributors and/or direct channels. (Parts can be tracked and full traceability can be shown on the package via lot code, batch code and date code)   
2. Inspections   
Our Quality Control process adheres to strict guidelines, which include:   
Vendor Management Program   
Supplier Monitoring   
Visual Inspections of all open bag materials   
Providing customer with factory sealed packages and packaging labels attached to show traceability back to the factory.   
3. Shipping Process   
MBB will be used for any and all re-packs   
MSL labels will be included to all re-packs   
Dry packs will come with desiccant and HCL card for all   
All items especially modules are air-tight   
intellize technology COC will also be attached to all shipments to customers   
Certified Quality   
Intellize Technology, offers its customers quality products service and provides lasting value.   
Intellize Technology has been developing supply chain management innovations, increasing efficiency and quality throughout its organization. We stress reliability of supply and consistency of quality to our customers.   
Quality is an important part of everything we do. We have established an efficient Quality Management System which meets the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 International Standard. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction as well as product and service improvement through effective application of this quality system.   
The main purpose of our quality system are:   
Define how quality requirements are met for incoming materials.   
Ensure products and services conform to customer requirements.   
Control key processes that affect quality of products and services according to documented policies and procedures.   
Define responsibilities and assign tasks for carrying out quality related functions.   
Identify non-conforming product and provide for its disposition.   
Provide a system for continuous quality improvement.   
We value interactions with our customer and use them as a means to improve our system to meet their ever-changing needs.   
Trade Compliance   
Intellize Technology Introduces its Export Management Compliance Program (EMCP):   
Export requirements may seem overwhelming without a system to capture analysis, decisions, accountability and implementing procedures. An EMCP takes individual decisions and pieces of information and builds them into an organized, integrated system. It is a program which can be established to manage export-related decisions and transactions to ensure compliance with export Regulations   
We take our commitment to the letter and spirit of export regulations seriously.   

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