Intellize Technology's white glove warehouses are climate-controlled to ensure the preservation of product. We monitor temperature, humidity and dew point. In addition, we deliver first-class logistics and fulfillment with the following guarantees:    

Inspections within our ISO 9001:2008-certified quality system   

ANSI/ESD-S20.20-2007 Certification Registration   

Same-day shipping for components in stock   

Packaging and shipping to your custom specifications through the Intellize Technology CSI (Customer-Specific Instructions) Program   

An assigned quality control specialist to follow all of your orders throughout our processes   

Cleanliness of our facilities – a practice that's clearly reflected in the efficiency and services we provide our customers    

We encourage customers to seek distributors, like Intellize Technology, who focus on quality and continuous improvement. Whoever you choose to do business with, we suggest you conduct an on-site quality audit so you can see your distributor’s processes and facilities to ensure you’re receiving the quality you deserve.    


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